Mermaid Lovin’

 A few months ago, I was selling at Artists & Fleas with my husband. After we set up, I usually do a loop to say hi to other vendors and see what’s new at the market. One particular day, as I was zipping down an aisle, something caught my eye – I may or may not have seen a mermaid tail. I backed up, focused, and realized that one of the jewelry vendors was wearing the most amazing mermaid tail leggings I had ever seen. I immediately asked her where these magical pants came from and how I could get them. She told me that it was an online company called Black Milk, but that they were almost always sold out of the mermaid leggings (duh, who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid). Sure enough, I started checking the website every so often [all the time] and every size except XXS was sold out.*Side note: they run small, so I recommend going up a size.

Flash forward to the next Artists & Fleas market and my husband and I are driving through downtown on our way to set up. I look to my left and there is a super long line of shoppers eagerly awaiting the opening of… none other than the first LA Black Milk store! I got my leggings, fell in love with them, and the rest is history…


Madewell chambray, Forever 21 t-shirt, Black Milk leggings, Free People Necklace, Converse tennis shoes, MAC lipstick in ‘Quite the Thing’






 They are super comfortable so I can hang out in them all day, every day (or I would if they weren’t so hard to launder – the one draw back). I also get a staggering amount of small children starring at me in a mix of confusion and wonder. They’re clearly a wee bit bold, but hey, we’re not here to blend in! What do you think? I’d love to know.


Happy Memorial Day!

Happy official start to summer! Confession: I’m not the biggest fan of summer. Eek! I know, judge away, but my fair complexion and generous smattering of moles make the constant sunshine difficult for me. However, this summer consists of showers, weddings, big birthdays, and the arrival of a very special addition to our family! So, I am pretty excited about this particular summer season. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and are getting ready for plenty of long, warm days and crisp, cool treats.


Weekend Reminder


I hope you have a beautiful weekend and remember to enjoy the little things—because they’re the best.