There’s No Place Like Gnome

I’m not quite sure how I’ve gone so long on Two Leaf Clover without explaining to you all about my love of gnomes. Yep – gnomes. I’m not quite sure where or when it started, but I adore them. Now, first of all – some people believe gnomes are a holiday creature. Although they fit in to snowy backdrops quite seamlessly, they are in fact appropriate for year round fun. Also, somehow blue appears to have became the official gnome color (I’m sure it has something to do with the smurfs), so the majority of gnome paraphernalia will be blue – it’s a plus if you find other colored gnomes. *Note: I realize how seriously it appears I take gnomes… guilty.

Any who, I was walking through Nordstrom yesterday and literally halted abruptly in my tracks when I saw this gnome sleep shirt (in the center below). I was practically giddy running up to the register, and may or may not have immediately put it on as soon as I got home. I treated myself to a little online gnome hunting and rounded up some delightful treasures.


Gnome Socks, $8.00
Gnome Custom Stamp, $29.95
Gnome Note Pad
Three Garden Gnomes Tote Bag, $11.85
Hooded Henley Sleep Shirt in Blue/Gnome, $28.80 (on sale!)
Boy Gnome Cookie Cutter, $5.00
Baby Gnome Costume, $52.00
Gnome Print, $22.99
Gnome Sweet Gnome Kitchen Towel, $10.00

So there it is – gnomes. Is anyone else out there gnome happy? I think they are just whimsical and hilarious; they make me smile and feel a little mischievous, so I dig them. For kicks, here a few gnome puns: gnome sweet gnome; you can never go gnome again; reckless aband-gnome-ment; gnome is where the heart is; gnome for the holidays… I could literally do this all day. Also, as far as gnome goodies go – I always try to buy things that are useful so I don’t end up with 500 gnome figurines around my house. For example, my gnome salt and pepper shakers are both adorable and functional. When I have a garden one day, I will definitely adorn it with a garden gnome, but other than that all gnomes must be decorative as well as multi-purposeful. You gnome what I mean?


Happy Labor Day


Happy Labor Day friends! I’m working the first half of the day and enjoying the benefits of time and a half on a national holiday. Woot woot! Later today I’m enjoying a date night with the hubs at the Zoo.

What are you doing for Labor Day?


Happy Birthday Henley!



Left: October 2013, Henley at 6 weeks // Right: August 2014, Henley at 1 year

Today, our sweet little pup turns one! I can’t believe how fast time has flown and how much has changed in a year. Remember when I introduced you to her? She was so tiny! She is just the sweetest, funnest, clumsiest thing you’ve ever met, and my husband and I are beside ourselves with love for her. Happy birthday sweet thing!

Have a safe and fabulous holiday weekend!