#FBF – St. Patrick’s Edition

Happy Friday friends! This week felt like it went on for years, for whatever reason, so I am looking forward to a (fairly) low key weekend. I also have been enjoying my Celtic radio stations on loop and the green and gold that has been popping up all over the place! Here is a wee bit of Irish inspiration for your weekend if it tickles your fancy.


Suited for St. Pat’s
Seasonal Snickerdoodles
Chocolate Whiskey Cheesecake
Dipped in Gold Glitter

What are you excited for this weekend friends?


Quotes and Thoughts on Kindness


The other day I was treated unkindly whilst trying to complete a return at a department store. Although I remained calm and collected during the interaction, as I began to walk away, a swarm of angry emotions rushed over me. I felt outraged, indignant, defensive and hurt. I found myself quoting Taylor Swift lyrics in my head “Why ya gotta be so mean?” Afterwards I proceeded to heatedly regale the story of my plight to my co-workers.

Later, it occurred to me that I was perpetuating the negativity directed at me earlier. Why is it that of the 20 kind interactions I had experienced previously that day, the one negative one had such an impact on me? I think it is easy to dwell on unkind thoughts but far more powerful, inspiring and motivational to redirect those negative interactions into new acts of kindness. It takes a conscious and intentional shift on our part. I like the quote, “Be kind to unkind people, they need it the most.” And also, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” If we all could remember these words it will inspire us to persevere with kindness even in the face of unkindness.

I believe the best advice we were ever taught about kindness is to, “treat others as you would like to be treated.” Ellen Degeneres reminds us every day at the end of her show, “Be kind to one another.” So let’s do it! Let’s all be kind to one another!

What are your thoughts/philosophies on kindness? What acts of kindness have you witnessed recently?



Pot of Gold Manicure

I came across this little pot of gold leaf (specifically for nail use) at Urban Outfitters a couple years ago. It was a whopping $10.00 and has lasted forever! Granted I only break it out a few times a year, and I thought St. Patrick’s Day was a perfectly fitting occasion. I usually use the gold leaf on an entire nail or to compliment a bold polish color; however, I wanted to use it this time in a French manicure technique which worked out beautifully!


Tools Needed:

Gold Leaf
Seche Vite Top Coat


Start with cleaned, buffed, and shaped nails.


*You need to do this tutorial one nail at a time – the top coat will dry too fast to paint them all at once and then come back to apply the gold leaf.

Apply one coat of top coat to nail.


Pick up a small piece of gold leaf with your tweezers.


Gingerly apply gold leaf to the tip of your nail while polish is still wet.


Using the tweezers, gently press the gold leaf down onto the polish.

*This is an interpretation of a French manicure technique; because the gold leaf is shredded and very fickle, you will not have an exact line.


Coat gold leaf tips with 1-2 applications of top coat to seal them in and make them smooth.

And voila!

My nails feel so fancy! And like the leprechauns would approve. What do you think? Would you try it?!