This weekend we are celebrating Meg’s birthday! Her actual birthday is coming up this Monday, but in our family, birthday celebrations can last up to a whole week long! And I’m in awe of these birthday cakes. Have a happy weekend!



Hipster Easter Eggs

 Hi friends! So Easter is around the corner and although I haven’t done much in the way of decorating, I’ve been antsy to embellish some eggs. I love dying them, but it’s quite the time and clean up commitment. I recalled seeing someone tattoo eggs (perhaps on Pinterest) and that I’d give it a go! It was fast, super easy, and pretty darn adorable. Plus, so very LA.



Temporary Tattoos
Wash cloth


Cut out your tattoo or cut it down to fit on the egg, and place it where desired.


Using a damp wash cloth, press down (gently) and saturate the tattoo; hold for 20-30 seconds.


Carefully peel off the paper.


And voila!


This is such a quick decorating solution, you could literally do a couple dozen in about 15 minutes and there is hardly any clean up. Just throw away the tattoo paper!

What do you think? I love the way they turned out! You could also chose to do colored tattoos or the fabulous new metallic ones, and you could dye them first if you want to get real fancy! Wouldn’t they be so fun as part of your Easter brunch?! Happy decorating!


Living With Loss


One thing “they” don’t tell you about grief and loss is that the pain never truly goes away. When you lose someone, phrases like “time heals all wounds” and “it will get better” are frequently thrown around. While these sentiments are intended to be encoruaging and uplifting, they are not entirely true. When you lose a loved one, each and every day thereafter you will feel their loss. Sometimes it lays dormant and is not as noticeable. But other days an unexpected influx of grief will sweep over you and the wounds will feel just as fresh as the day of their actual death.

Sometimes I am unable to fathom the fact that my baby will be born in a world where my dad isn’t here. There are so many things I wish he could be here to teach me about being a parent. I wish I could see him be a grandpa to my children. I find myself envious at times of those around me with two remarkable parents still living and wish it was me. I remember the moment after I told Stephen we were pregnant, the next person I wanted to tell was my dad. And then I felt a sharp pang of grief when I realized I wouldn’t be able to tell him in person.

When my dad died, I had quite a few well wishers prompting me to “take comfort that he is now in a better place!” And while I do share that belief, there are some days when I cannot take comfort that he is anyplace other then by my side. Days like birthdays, weddings, holidays and really any celebratory occasion, it is okay to wish with everything inside of you that they could be there with you. As someone who has lost loved ones, I have felt compelled to be stoic, strong and accepting of the loss. People who care about you need you to just be okay in the aftermath of loss. Which happens in time—part of living with loss is the realization and acceptance that life goes on even after experiencing a substantial loss of a loved one. I just want to remind anyone who’s ever lost someone that it’s okay to still have days of grief and whatever you are feeling, you are not alone in it.