Jump Around

I know the romper trend has been here for a while, but the pant jumpsuit has gone in and out. I love a dressy pant suit, but all the relaxed, cotton versions that have been popping up recently are just perfect for easy everyday wear (especially during this little heat wave we’ve been having in LA). I picked up this one from Target recently and it is so comfortable! The pockets are an added bonus..


Target jumpsuit, Kismet Collection by AM Shark Tooth necklace, Kate Spade bangle, J. Crew bracelet, Sam Edelman sandals





If you’re hesitant about trying a one-piece, try a chambray or cardigan over it; it breaks it up a bit.

I remember being in junior high and being mortified at the concept of a jumpsuit, let alone the idea of wearing one. Now, I can’t get enough of them. I love that it’s a one and done sort of outfit like a dress, has the practicality of wearing pants, and the comfort of wearing sweats. What do you think? Are you into the romper/jumper/jumpsuit trend? I’d love to know your thoughts.


Locks of Love

Last Thursday was my birthday and to commemorate a day with dual meaning, I cut and donated 13 inches of my hair to Locks of Love, making it my fifth wig to date. I wanted to thank each of you who took the time to read and leave such heart felt comments, it was the most vulnerable and personal post I’ve ever shared and it made me feel so supported and well received to read your responsesIMG_7666 IMG_7667 


IMG_7678 IMG_7680IMG_7684 



We chose to cut four little ponytails in hopes that the hair remaining would end up being a more even length.


Freshly chopped! Long hair no more!



IMG_7768 IMG_7847 IMG_7851

I cut my hair locally in South Park at Salon on 30th and had such a wonderful experience with my stylist, Marisa, who was so sweet and spent extra time on my hair. Usually after I cut off 13 inches of hair, I’m too terrified to let the stylist keep cutting more hair so I usually resolve with a blunt cut and just a tiny bit extra off to even out the length. This time however, I was feeling particularly courageous and trusted my stylist to cut as she saw fit. She ended up having to take off some additional length, layer it, texturize it and finally frame my face. Then she styled it with messy curls that I think resemble Alexa Chung, and that my brother-in-law said reminds him of Jessica Szohr.

I always get a little nervous before cutting off so much of my hair but once it’s done I’m always so glad that I did it. My hair feels so healthy and fresh now!

Have you ever had a radical haircut? What’s the shortest length you would cut your hair?


Homemade Granola Crumble

 I eat a lot of yogurt and granola; it is absolutely one of my favorite lite breakfasts, mid day snacks, or afternoon treats. I go through about a box of granola every other week; however, the bottom fifth or so of the bag is mostly loose oats and oat powder which turns into a funky paste if mixed in to the yogurt. So I leave it, but then I feel like I’m wasting so much with each box I buy. A few weeks ago, I started saving my granola remnants with the hopes of turning them into something better. But what? Well, a girlfriend of mine recommended a crumble topping which was absolutely perfect because a. the rest of a crumble topping is full of things that I already had in my pantry and b. is there anything you can’t top with crumble? Most recipes for crumble are fairly similar, but I roughly followed this one. I substituted the granola left overs for the oats, but you could certainly use oats if you have them on hand.


I scooped my crumble on to vanilla ice cream with a crack of sea salt and oh. my. gosh. The crumble was perfectly buttery, crunchy, and warm with cinnamon. It would also be fabulous on top of fruit, pie, yogurt! The sky’s the limit! I didn’t realize how easy it was to whip this up, and now I think I’ll forever donate my granola bits to a delicious crumble. I also sort of feel like you could do this with the remnants of any cereal you have – can you imagine Captain Crunch crumble?! or Fruit Loops?! I think that will be my next experiment.. Have a beautiful weekend friends.