Cookie Butter Cheesecake Bites

My love affair with Trader Joe’s runs deep, I just feel like Joe gets me and I get him. He’s always coming up with these crazy and delicious treats like pickle popcorn and pumpkin cider and cookie butter cream cheese!!! Cookie. Butter. Cream. Cheese. I mean, when I saw it, I just couldn’t even and then when I tasted it… Well any way, my first thought is that it would be delicious on a shoe in a cheesecake! I roughly followed this recipe and swapped out the cream cheese, vanilla, and sugar for the cookie butter cream cheese alone. They were surprisingly easy to make (cheesecake seems so intimidating) and soooo delish!








I topped mine with a little cinnamon whipped cream a. because it’s the bomb and b. because my cheesecakes always split on top and whipped cream hides that. Even though I am trying my darnedest to keep my holiday enthusiasm at bay, I have to admit, these taste like fall in a bite(!!!).

Bon appetit!


39 Weeks


Today I’m 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant. 4 days from my due date! Although my due date is August 29th, my doctor is now predicting a September birth because our little girl seems to be pretty comfortable where she is. Gwynn has a week and a half to come on her own or else I’ll be induced by the first weekend in September. Stephen has been rooting for a September birthday all along. His birthday is September 15th and he loves the idea of their birthdays being close together. She’ll be here by Labor Day no matter what, which excites us very much! Even though it’s sounding like I’ll be delivering later than expected—it could change on a dime so Stephen and I try to keep that in mind and be prepared for whenever her arrival will be.

We spent this last weekend taking an infant/child/adult CPR course, getting new tires on Stephen’s car and spending time visiting family and friends. Every single task on my to-do list has been checked off and that feels pretty great.

I’ve really loved sharing my pregnancy journey with all of you here on Two Leaf Clover and thank you for following along with me and your sweet comments and well wishes. They are much appreciated. Here’s a little look back on my bump updates during my pregnancy…



Dress Up

You guys – Allison is due Saturday! Say what?! It’s true and I’m so excited! Any who, that aside, my life has become one giant DIY project and I am nearly besties with the guys at Home Depot. I pretty much live in yoga pants, old shirts, and Nikes these days, so it felt really good to actually put on make up and wear a dress.


Allison brought me this dress back from Barcelona when she went on her honeymoon and it’s been a favorite ever since. My oxfords are actually from Paris (on my honeymoon) so the whole outfit has European roots!




If it’s not already, it should be a running joke that this is apparently the only hair style I wear. (It’s not actually, but it always seems to be in posts). I did a little variation this time on my go-to by twisting the hair instead of braiding it!


I hope you all have a fab week friends!