Gone Fishin’


We’re gone fishin’. No—not literally, metaphorically. We’re taking two weeks off to recharge our batteries and prepare brand new content for our favorite season, fall. We’ll be back in action Monday, September 22nd. We’ll miss you all, looking forward to a speedy return.

-Meg and Allison

New Toy Camera

Stephen and I had been discussing purchasing a GoPro for quite some time. This week we decided to finally take the plunge and order it onlineIMG_1611

I was expecting it to be small but I wasn’t prepared for how small. It’s so teeny teeny tiny—I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw it in person.


I’m planning on spending a majority of my weekend figuring out this new contraption of ours. I’m pretty intimidated by it—I feel like I need to take a class on it or something like purchase the Dummy’s Guide: How To Use GoPro Hero.

Our smartphones have such amazing cameras these days. I find myself consistently favoring my iPhone camera the most. It’ll be interesting to see how I do with this new photo-taking gadget. I’m curious, what camera do you use?


My Favorite Hair Products

I have never really been a hair person – as far as styling goes. Make-up – yes, all day every day, but hair not so much. Once I found Dry Bar, all my styling needs were taken care of. However, I can’t always get to a Dry Bar, nor do I have a personal stylist on call (not yet anyway). So, since working there, I have taken it upon myself to learn everything I can from the stylists and management. I ask questions, play with tools, and read up on product knowledge. I am still so far away from producing any sort of blow out at the caliber that the shop does, but I have gotten pretty darn good at dry styling. And how I do that is with a few of my favorite products. All of Dry Bar’s products are vegan and paraben free, and their tools are ceramic and use NanoIonic Mineral Technology to ensure the health of your hair. Basically – the stuff is legit. All of their products serve different and specific purposes, but these are the handful that I find myself using the most…


The 3-Day Bender: 1″ curling iron – perfect for anything from bouncy ringlets to beachy waves.

100 Proof: light weight oil – use just a pump or two when wet to nourish hair and eliminate frizz.

Hot Toddy: heat protector – also acts as sunscreen for your hair, dentangler, and seals 99% of split ends on contact!

Triple Sec: 3-in-1 texturizer, amplifier, and refreshener – meant for voluminous, messy looking hair, has a cleansing agent which, like dry shampoo, soaks up the oil at your roots.

Detox: dry shampoo – gives new life to your blow out by absorbing the oil at your roots.

I brought this artillery with me last weekend on a trip with my girlfriends and basically held a conference in the bathroom about what each product does and why everyone needed them. I would love to know – who is familiar with Dry Bar’s products? Any questions? Let’s talk about it!


P.S. Excited DB related news coming soon!