My Fall Wish List

The weather has finally dipped here in LA which means I am finally allowing myself to shop, or think about shopping, for fall. There are several things I’ve been dreaming of for colder weather, but these are my top picks. From a super cozy eternity scarf for bundling up in to a deep cranberry lipstick that will make any outfit you wear look instantly chic, here are a few items that have me yearning for autumn leaves and ho-cho by the gallon!


Little Urban Gem Gray and Gold Glitter Turban
Solmate Socks Dawn Crew Socks
NARS Lipstick in ‘Scarlet Empress’
J. Crew Shiny Puffer Vest
Urban Outfitters Mixed Knit Eternity Scarf
Deluxe Walking Umbrella with Tartan Pattern
Pendleton Hemrich Stripe Camp Blanket
Sam Edelman ‘Penny’ Boots
Stanley Vaccuum Bottle… which is the technical name for a Thermos

I’m particularly partial to the puffer vest and the boots, although I’ve been wanting a tartan umbrella forever (for the like three times a year it rains in Southern California) and a Pendleton blanket which seems to me like one of the pillars of rustic luxury. What do you lovelies think? I would love to know if a. you think one or more of these items absolutely needs to find a home with me, and b. what’s on your radar for fall? Is there something you are dreaming of this season or perhaps a staple you buy for yourself each time fall rolls around?


What Are You Looking Forward To?

Some of the best marriage advice I got was, “In your marriage, always have something you as a couple are looking forward to. Having something you are both excited about and looking forward to strengthens the relationship.” I’ve found this personally to be true. Even if it’s pretty far away, Stephen and I are always planning a trip, party or activity together. If one of us is having a particularly crummy week, we like to talk about what we’re looking forward to. Right now we’re currently looking forward to our Virginia and DC trip coming up in two weeks.

I realized this idea applies outside of a relationship as well. Us as individuals should always have our own happenings we’re looking forward to. Like a new movie, a highly anticipated book or even a fun work-out class can make our week brighter. Here are a few things I am looking forward to currently…


Amy Poehler’s first book Yes Please which comes out October 28th.


Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 which comes out October 27th.

What events (big or small) are you looking forward to currently?


Halloween Confetti Nail Tutorial

Y’all know by now that I love my nail art, and I’ve tried my share of fancy at-home manicures (some more successfully than others). I am a strong proponent of that fact that any one can do nail art, although I recognize that some may have steadier hands and more patience than others. This tutorial though, is something that any willing soul can do! I promise! I first did my confetti manicure back in June on a whim and was surprised by not only how much I loved it, but also by how many compliments I got. I had complete strangers asking me where I got my nails done! And the darn thing is, it’s really so easy…


Select a base polish and 3-5 confetti colors; polishes clockwise from top are Urban Outfitters in ‘Tanline’,  Seche Vite Top Coat (best top coat ever!), Wet n Wild Glitter in ‘Glamorous’, Forever 21 silver glitter, Wet n Wild in ‘Ebony Hates Chris’, Julep in ‘Eden’, and Sally Hansen in ‘White On’.


The only tool you need is a dotting tool; I bought this one that has a brush tip on one side and a dotting tip on the other at a beauty supply for about $4.


This is a standard dotting tip, but whatever size you have or want will do.


Start with cleaned, filed, and buffed nails.


Paint two coats of your base color, and allow to dry completely.


Cover the tip of your dotting tool with your first confetti color polish.


With your tool, dot each nail randomly, re-saturating the tip with polish when it runs dry. Do all nails with your first color, allow to dry, and then repeat dotting technique with each color until it looks like this…


After you let your confetti dry, coat with one coat of glitter polish if you heart desires or leave as is. Apply top coat and let dry.


Ta da!

A couple things: 1. don’t worry about the dots being the same size or being perfectly round, it will look awesome no matter what, 2. the more dots you layer up, the more festive your confetti will look, and 3. make sure you let your dots dry COMPLETELY before applying your top coat, otherwise they will drag and blur the pattern. My only disclaimer is that this is fairly time consuming and labor intensive, which is why it’s the perfect activity for that episode of Grey’s you haven’t watched yet and a homemade pumpkin spice latte. Go ahead, treat yo self.

I love this tutorial because you can do it with any color combination to cater to whatever holiday or occasion you have coming up. Also, want to do polka-dot nails? Stop after your first round of dotting, voila! What do you think, would you try it? I’d love to know!