Lemon Love

When my husband and I were in New York a couple weeks ago, we spent an afternoon shopping in Brooklyn. It was somewhat of an excuse to get out of the heat and into some air conditioning, but let’s be honest, I was looking for deals. At one point, we popped into a Gap Factory store. I haven’t shopped at Gap in a long time, let alone the outlet version but I was pleasantly surprised. There were definitely some gems, including this sweet little lemon top. It was literally the last one and I nearly squealed with delight when I saw it! With its bright colors and tie waist, it feels like the perfect summer piece that I want to wear everyday.


Gap top, J. Brand jeans, Anthropologie shoes and bracelets .





I have such a fondness for clothing with patterns of fruit or animals and such; it just seems extra whimsical and fun! Also, between the peaches, pineapples, and lemons – it seems we have a theme this week. Have a beautiful day friends.


3 Responses to Lemon Love

  1. Love this top! Such a cute pattern and the colors are so flattering on you!



  2. You look so beautiful.

  3. I love everything about this out fit. I want a look like this

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