Valentine Treasures

I love all the darling Valentine’s inspired decorations, clothing, make up, and treats that come out around this time of year. Everything is so sweet and red and pink! Unlike almost any other holiday, buying things that are “Valentine’s Day themed” is a versatile investment as they can be used or worn year round. I mean really, who’s going to turn down heart anything in July? Whether you’re looking to decorate, treat yourself, or gift a loved one, here are a few of my favorite things in honor of heart day…

PicMonkey Collage

Dogeared ‘It’s the Little Things’ Heart Stud Earrings
Red Battery Operated LED Heart String Lights
Flaming Flamingo Cake Toppers
L’Occitane ‘Rose Heart’ Shea Butter Ultra Soft Body Cream
‘Queen of Hearts’ Stripe Sweater
Sweethearts Hard Candy
The New Black Ombre 5-Piece Nail Polish Set in ‘Floyd’
‘Kiss Me’ Girl Talk Headband
Baskin-Robbins Love Potion #31 Ice Cream
White/ Red Heart iPhone 5/5s Case
Valentine’s Day, The Movie
I Heart Umbrellas

I am so in love with’s headbands that say cheeky things like “Kiss Me” and Baskin-Robbins Love Potion #31 is my favorite ice cream flavor of all time! Seriously, if you haven’t tried it – you absolutely have to. It’s seasonal, so they only have it in February and most of the time they sell out company wide before the month is over. I just think all these things are so whimsical and romantic. Do you have any favorites that come around this time of year? I would love to know!


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9 Responses to Valentine Treasures

  1. So sweet! I am such a romantic, but even more so in February. I like leaving hearts everywhere I go and having Cupid attack certain parts of the house. Plus, I am a sucker for candy hearts. I do miss the old school, “Be Mine” which seems to have been replaced with “UR Hot”.

  2. I love all these things you connected Meg! ESPECIALLY Love potion 31. I could eat a gallon of that in one sitting! The heart shaped posts are so sweet too!


  3. Any holiday that is centered around chocolate has my heart. Boxed chocolate doesnt stand a chance against my sweet tooth 😉

  4. All such fun things! I think that I need to get better at the whole Valentines things.

  5. We are looking for ideas to decorate a little girl’s room and the heart LED light strand is now on our list. Thanks, I would never found those on my own.

  6. My daughter’s birthday is the day before Valentine’s day, so her birthday was always full of plenty of pink and red and heart shaped everything! Her favorite color is red, wonder why? Everything Valentines day brings her to mind, I love everything you’ve featured! The lights are a must!

  7. I love it sweetheart. That ice cream is delicious.

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